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Why do I have to sign in?
Safe Shopping and Privacy are the two best reasons. It also makes shopping faster, lets you check your order status and helps provide a history of what you've bought.

Why do you need my email address and a password?
After you complete your order, we use your email address to notify you that we've received your order, and later when we have shipped it. Your password helps to keep your information safe - especially if you're sharing a computer.

I already signed in once. Why do I have to sign in again?
Sometimes, you have to leave your computer unexpectedly. To protect your security, our system asks you to sign in again after a brief period of inactivity.

I'm sure I am using the correct email address and password but I can't Sign In?
Sometimes we just have too many passwords and it is easy to get them mixed up, click here to have us email your password to you. If you still can't Sign In contact us using our feedback section or call us on #########.