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At Petsafe, we recognize that our customers are concerned about the manner in which we collect information; the privacy of the information that we collect; and our plans for using this information. Our goal is to ensure that we only gather information about you that you want us to have and that we only use this information after we have told you how it will be gathered and used and once we have given you the opportunity to consent to its use.

The following FAQ provides details about how and why Petsafe collects customer information, what we do with customer information, and how you can control access to and distribution of the information that you provide to Petsafe.

Why does Petsafe collect customer information?
One of the ways we ensure that we are developing products or services, including online services, that meet the needs of our customers is to gather information directly or indirectly from them. We like to know who our customers are, what types of products and services they use and what their product and services expectations are. Through market research projects, customer feedback, registration and co-branding partnerships with online service providers and advertisers, we are able to explore what is or is not attractive about our products and services

What does Petsafe do with the information it collects?
It is always our objective to collect only that information necessary for us to achieve the purposes for which we are collecting information. For example, we will not ask you for credit card information unless you are purchasing a product or service from us. Whenever we ask for information, we will also inform you as to what use we will make of it before or at the time we collect the information and you will be offered the choice as to whether or not you wish to provide information to us. For example, if we are using the information solely for marketing and research purposes we will advise you of that.

Is it mandatory that I provide Petsafe with my personal information?
Yes. In some instances such as product registration and purchases, surveys or contests, or through your use of certain online services provided by Petsafe, there is information that we are required to collect to enable us to process your request, such as registering your product, or to provide you with certain online services. We may also be required by law to disclose certain information (for example, the geographical location of customers who download products containing high-level encryption or contest participants).

Will Petsafe provide my information to third-parties?
From time to time we contact our customers to let them know about upcoming products, promotions as well as the occasional survey. In an effort to offer our customers the maximum benefit of Petsafe's strategic and co-branding partnerships, we also undertake co-marketing agreements with third parties who offer similar products or services or who may collect your personal information, identifiable or non-identifiable, in order to provide certain online services to you. Petsafe may share profile information with its co-branding partners in order to better personalize the content, banners and promotions that you and other users will see on our sites. Advertising partners or other online services partners of Petsafe may use their own cookies.

As a registered Petsafe customer, you may receive news and special offers from third parties. If you do not wish to receive mail from Petsafe or our third-party partners you are able to have your name marked “private” in our database. If your name is marked “private”, we will not use your name for marketing or e-mail campaigns and will not provide your name to any third parties.

If I’m a registered Petsafe product user and decide to be marked “private”, will I still be able to receive information related to my Petsafe product?
No. If you are a registered Petsafe product user and you request to have your name marked “private” on our customer list, you will no longer receive e-mail or other notices regarding support of your product.

How can I make my name “private” after I’ve registered with Petsafe?
If you choose to register with us and then later decide that you no longer want to receive e-mail or information from Petsafe or you no longer wish to have your name provided to third parties, please contact us.

How can I have my name deleted from Petsafe’s customer list?
If you decide that you no longer wish to have your name on our Customer list, please contact us through your nearest Customer Service Centre. Deletion of your information will usually take four to six weeks.

How can I correct or update my personal information?
If your information changes or you become aware that there is an error in your information, please contact us. Correction or updates of your information will usually take four to six weeks.

Who can I contact if I’ve asked to be marked “private” but still receive unwanted mail?
From time to time there may be instances where a customer’s designation as “private” is inadvertently altered and the customer may receive e-mail or other marketing materials from Petsafe. If you think this may have happened to you, please let us know by contacting Customer Service and we will correct the problem. Please keep in mind that if you have submitted a request to have your name marked private or removed from our Customer List or you have requested that your information be updated or corrected, there is a four to six week period during which you may receive information while we are updating or deleting your information.

How does Petsafe make sure that my personal information is kept secure when I purchase products from PetsafeStore?
The Petsafe Store uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol for browsers that support 64-bit encryption (such as Netscape® Navigator version 2.0 or greater, or Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 2.1 or greater). SSL encrypts information as it travels between the customer and Petsafe so that your purchase information cannot be read as it travels over the Internet.

How do I know if my browser is secure?
A change in the URL from http:// to https:// notifies you that you are using SSL. If the URL on a page asking you to provide personal information remains as http://, beware as this may result in an unsecure transmission.

What do I do if I do not have a browser that supports a 1024-bit encryption?
If you are not using a browser which adheres to SSL Protocol and does not support 1024-bit encryption, the information you provide may not be secure and we recommend that you contact Petsafe Customer Service directly to order products.

What is done with my credit card information once I submit my purchase request at Petsafe Store?
When processing credit card purchases over the Internet, Petsafe will verify your credit card information with the appropriate financial institution prior to processing your purchase. Petsafe will not supply this information to any third party.

Is Petsafe responsible for other sites I link to from the Petsafe Web site?
No. sometimes offers links to the sites of our co-branding partners and we also offer links to many other Web sites that we are not affiliated with. When using some of our online services, you could be directed to these other co-branded sites. Some of these links are the sites of partners whom Petsafe have joined with to provide services to you. Petsafe is not responsible for the privacy policies or other terms of use of these partner sites or other sites you may link to while using the Petsafe site. This includes links from advertisers. These other sites may send their own cookies to users, collect data, or solicit personal information.

Does Petsafe Use “Cookies” on its Web site? If so, what are “Cookies”?
In order to make your Web surfing experience easier, certain Petsafe online services may use Cookies. Cookies save your preferences while you are at our site so you do not have to fill out forms or other areas with information you may have already provided. Cookies are small pieces of code that a Web site transfers to an individual's hard drive. We use information from Cookies to provide services better tailored to our users' needs such as to improve our online services for our users.

How do I contact Petsafe?

Additions, corrections or other changes to customer information will usually take four to six weeks.

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