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Welcome to Petsafe

This site is for people who want their lost pets home as quickly as possible and who are unashamed pet lovers.

Like you, we think pets are fantastic and this site is all about celebrating and preserving the human-animal bond - a bond that brings so much joy and comfort. is a site created by humans for their best friends - their pets.

What are we about?

Using best technology to identify pets through a powerful combination of a hidden microchip under their skin & an easily read Petsafe collar tag also with its own unique number. These unique numbers are permanently linked on the Petsafe recovery database giving your pet the best chance of a quick return home should it stray - this is our mission.

Every year thousands or pets go missing, causing their "families" grief, anguish and expense. Some stray, some are stolen and some are uplifted and dumped miles away by uncaring neighbours.

Microchips are the best form of certain identification of your pet but only vets & animal pounds have access to the special microchip readers. This is why a rugged external & engraved brass collar tag (with Free Call telephone number on its reverse) gives your valuable pet a second chance to be traced back home to you quickly & easily.

Protect your pet by registering both its microchip number & Petsafe collar tag number on the Petsafe recovery network.

The best protection for a pet is reliable identification and that means a microchip because a microchip cannot be removed, changed or defaced. A microchip means a lifetime of positive identification for your pet. Once a pet is microchipped, it is essential that its owner's current contact details are accurately recorded on a recovery database. The Petsafe recovery network is a pet recovery system that provides a national 24 hour web based service, seven days a week every day of the year.

Not only is the owner's information kept securely & in strictest confidence on the main computer database, but "first-call" information - your pet's microchip number, collar tag number and the nominated primary contact phone number - is frequently updated & sent to a national network of Councils, pounds, shelters and veterinary emergency facilities - the very people who look after stray animals.

By clicking on the "REGISTER A PET" link owners can:

  • record their pets on the Petsafe recovery network for a one-time fee
  • update the contact details for an existing record at no charge

List a lost pet:

This is a free community service where owners can record the details of a pet lost anywhere in Australia. Pound workers will regularly access the site and we expect that will re-home many pets.

List a found pet:

Pet lovers easily recognise a lost pet and often it is only a matter of time before the pet runs under a car. If you find a pet and can't get it to the appropriate authorities, then you can list it here. From personal experience we know that giving a lost pet back to its family is a huge buzz. Again, this is a free community service in the interest of protecting and preserving the human-animal bond.